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Baubauwall believes in the magic of ... walls!

For us, walls are huge inspirational canvases where we share what we believe in – creative wallpapers. Driven by the idea of changing the traditional wallpaper world – buying wallpaper should not be a hassle and time consuming. Here, you do not need to worry exactly how much wallpaper you need.

We print what you like and only as much as is needed. Nothing more. No excessive production waste and piles of random wallpaper rolls sitting in a lonely warehouse waiting their fate.

Our curated collection of bespoke wallpapers, photos and wall murals turn your empty walls into wow-wow walls.

Driven by the idea of making life easier and prettier.

Wallpapers help to personalize any space. We love inspiring our customers with Baubauwall´s curated collection of various wallpaper motifs. The best part – ordering wallpapers is made easy, you do not need to calculate how many rolls do you need. We do it for you.

We are always open to fresh ideas, collabs with designers and creative illustrators in order to create the most exciting wallpaper designs.

Driven by the idea of making life easier and prettier.
Digital solutions & printing = our passion

Digital solutions & printing = our passion

We create, print and ship from Tallinn, Estonia – the European powerhouse of digital solutions. Printing has been in our company blood for decades, making our team a true expert when it comes to materials, colors and superior quality. Today, that knowledge is combined with love for design and digital skills. Oh, and wallpapers of course!


Anna-Kai Tõrs

Creative Business Developer

Passionate about excelling ideas and marketing. Easily distracted by beautiful wallpaper ideas! Favorite wallpaper theme: geometry

Triinu Silla

Designer with a magic wand

Applied for the job saying: designing wallpaper patterns every day – come on, this is a dream come true! Favorite wallpaper theme: abstract

Sten Seene

Production Engineer

Keeps an eye on your wallpaper printing process and makes sure everything runs smoothly during the production. Favorite wallpaper theme: tropical

Mairo Lokk

Pre-press Technician

In charge of the pre-printing operations and makes sure your pretty wallpaper comes out just perfect. Favorite wallpaper theme: nature

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