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Non-woven wallpaper vs regular paper wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper vs regular paper wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper, also known as Easy-up wallpaper or “paste the wall” wallpaper, is essentially a reinforced paper wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper differs from ordinary wallpaper in that the glue is applied directly to the wall, not to the wallpaper. The paste the wall method makes wallpapering extremely easy. No messing around and no more glue-stained floors! Just mix the wallpaper glue and apply it directly to the wall with a brush, then apply the wallpaper tiles.

Easy-up wallpaper does not stretch or tear like ordinary paper wallpaper. Joining the tiles is easy, leaving no traces of installation. You place the tiles next to each other, not over the edge. A high-quality end result is essentially guaranteed, even without previous wallpapering experience.

Baubauwall wallpapers (including photo wallpapers, repeat pattern wallpapers and mural wallpapers) are all printed on non-woven wallpaper material. The print inks contain no toxic colors. It is an environmentally conscious business – no PVC or chlorine compounds, plus the precisely cut strips are just as your wall size. This means no excessive waste. The material used is “breathable” and are also certified for allergy sufferers, not to mention children’ s rooms or your own bedroom. In addition, they are fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting beauty on the walls!

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