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Custom wallpaper

Your photo to perfect mural wallpaper

Ever envisioned your own illustration or photo decorating your room wall as a mural wallpaper? That safari picture, the setting sun, or an early morning at a bog? Print your own wallpaper here. We make it easy – all you need to do is upload a photo or illustration in image format (.jpg or .png). Then enter your measurements and place your order. We take care of the rest.

What size should my upload design file be?

  • Please bear in mind that we can print your photo or illustration as a wall mural, if the image is at least one pixel per one millimetre of wallpaper.
  • This means that an image, for example, must be at least 3500 x 2600 pixels if you want to order a wallpaper or mural in the size of 350 x 260 cm (width x height).

How much does it cost?

  • Just as all other wallpapers – 35 €/m², minimum order size is 1,5 m²!


Upload your own wallpaper design

Ever envisioned your own illustration or a photo decorating your entire wall? Print your own photo wallpaper here.

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