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Forbidden Fruit – Green & Sepia

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51200070

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Step into the unknown, where nothing is really as it seems. This bespoke designer wall mural is full of intricate details and discoveries. Layer by layer, the design exposes itself reveling leather alike textures, pineapple peel or is it a bird feather pattern? A wall mural, that leaves the interpretation to your imagination. The unique design complements beautifully vintage pieces or contemporary eclectic interior décor.
The Forbidden Fruit wall mural design is available in light and petrol green colourways.

 “Unexpected Reflections” collection designer wallpapers and murals are full of endless discoveries, where nothing is quite what it seems at first. From one angle you see a familiar texture, on the other hand something completely different. The wall mural designs in the collection flirt with a repetitive pattern on a specific theme, just the opposite to the classic mural sceneries.