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Gadgetville’s Sports Day

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Gadgetville is the cutest village filled with most creative inhabitants. Besides inventing curious inventions on yearly basis, they are very keen on sports! Here, the world’s tallest rabbit was about to win the basketball game… but the inventive kids made up their own, very tall defence player! After all, life is all about innovation!

Lotte was first seen at the animated children’s show “Lotte from Gadgetville” (original Estonian title: “Leiutajateküla Lotte”). Created by illustrator Heiki Ernits and film director Janno Põldma at Eesti Joonisfilm. The show features Lotte, a friendly and curious puppy girl who lives in Gadgetville with her family and friends. Today, she and her friends are drawn also onto murals and wallpapers. Designed for kids rooms that are fun and imaginative. Just as Gadgetville – a place where anything is possible with a little bit of innovation, love and teamwork!

We are sure that one day Lotte will come up with wallpapers that just fly on the walls themselves! In the meantime, here at Baubauwall we print wallpapers in numbered strips and exactly as much and when needed. Say goodbye to the frustration of figuring out how to install wallpaper! Your new wallcovering is in numbered lengths in the order it should be hung on the wall. Easy, zero-waste and just as fun as in Gadgetville!