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Foggy Fir Forest

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51300022

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A stunning photo wallpaper with a view on a foggy forest in the morning light. The foggy fir forest canopy is veiled in mist, which creates a soothing effect on all sounds. This is a type of wallpaper that creates an illusion of being seated amidst the treetops. The green color possesses an empowering force and is a must-have for all interior decor enthusiasts who prefer a forest-inspired look! The calmly cool photo wallpaper is a perfect fit for dreamy bedrooms, home office walls or serene living rooms.

Baubauwall wallpaper strips are numbered so that you know in which order to put them on the wall, from left to right. Pattern runs seamlessly! As all our wallpapers and murals, this photo wallpaper design is printed on breathable, non-woven material with eco friendly colours. Read more of our zero-waste wallpapers concept here.