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Eucalyptus Wall – Terracotta

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51200092

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The name Eucalyptus, meaning “well-concealed” comes from the Greek words eu “well” and kaluptos “conceal”. Hence, seems an excellent idea to install eucalyptus themed wall mural to create your own unique feature wall. Wall murals are the ideal way to turn a blank wall into a showcase for your unique style. This watercolour brushed, warm terracotta hued eucalypt foliage cascades down against concrete backdrop. The design is created keeping in mind that most of furniture is set on the floor, so it seems a good idea to leave more of wall decor above! A beautiful wall mural design to match your bedroom mood, creative home office or living room walls.

As all of our wallpapers and murals, this design is printed on breathable, non-woven material with eco friendly colours. Find the Eucalyptus wall mural also in grey and light blue colorways.