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Roaring Reef – White

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51200283

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This ocean mural wallpaper design makes a stunning statement, whether for a redecoration or accent wall. Bring the beauty of the deep ocean into your home! The intricate details of this wallpaper design will transport you to an underwater world. Explore the beauty of marine life and spot the corals, fish and even a crab! If you’re looking to create a stunning ambiance in your living room or a refreshing subaquatic wilderness spa environment in your bathroom – this is it! Why choose ocean-themed photo or mural wallpapers for your feature wall? Because they’re more than just décor—they’re portals to tranquility, creativity, and a sustainable home. Let the magic of the sea wash over you, and leave the world behind as you dive into a realm of endless possibilities.

Baubauwall wallpaper strips are numbered – no need to worry about the order how to apply them on wall! This system ensures a seamless pattern. Plus, like all of our wallpaper and mural designs, it is printed on breathable, eco-friendly non-woven material with non-toxic colors. The great thing about non-woven wallpaper is that it is easy to apply and also easy to remove. Learn more of our commitment to zero-waste wallpapers here.