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Hymn of Hummingbirds – Sepia Beige

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51200400

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A historic 19th century book illustration turned into a stunning panoramic wall mural design. The mural wallpaper showcases blooming Calliandra houstoniana flowers, also known as Mimosa Grandiflora (isn´t this the most beautiful plant name?), set against a picturesque hilly landscape in hues of sepia beige. Delicate hummingbirds flutter gracefully around the vibrant flowers, creating a scene that brings vintage beauty indoors on your wallpaper!

Perfect for a feature wall, this mural adds timeless elegance and serene charm to your luxurious interior design idea. Whether you’re looking to create a focal point in your living room, create a feature wall in your bedroom – “Hymn of Hummingbirds” is an ideal wallcovering choice. The dramatic colors of this mural will enhance your interior decor, making it a standout piece that invites conversation.

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