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Lotte and Best Friends – Beige

35,00 /m2

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Discover beloved Lotte and friends on beige, minimal aesthetic wallpaper! If you want your wall decor to be a subtle, then this beige and airy wallpaper design is a perfect choice. This wallcovering’ s delicate and unobtrusive design allows it to complement the other elements in the room without overwhelming them. This Lotte wallpaper in beige, line art style is a co-star rather than the dominant feature of the space.

Lotte and the entire Gadgetville loves to invent quirky, imaginative inventions. We are sure that one day Lotte will come up with wallpapers that just fly on the walls themselves! In the meantime, here at Baubauwall we print wallpapers in numbered strips and exactly as much and when needed. Say goodbye to the frustration of figuring out how to install wallpaper! Your new wallcovering is in numbered lengths in the order it should be hung on the wall. Easy, zero-waste and just as fun as in Gadgetville!

“Lotte from Gadgetville” is an animated children’s show and the main character of many Lotte books. Created by illustrator Heiki Ernits and film director Janno Põldma at Eesti Joonisfilm. Now, Lotte’ s and her best friends adventures are captured also on wallpapers. Designed with joy in mind, filled with humour and smartness – just as Lotte!