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What is a zero-waste wallpaper?

What is a zero-waste wallpaper?

Zero-waste, residue-free, waste-free, efficient, surplus-free production – there are many terms. It’s not a surprise that the world is consuming more and more every day. Any enterprise that produces any item for that intention, must think about the footprint it leaves. Both at your company and at home of the customer who bought your product to take home. How much plastic and unnecessary packaging is there around the product? What should be done with it?

Excessive plastic and sensless wallpaper rolls

The world of interior design seems glamorous and beautiful on the surface, but here the exact same topics are important. Was the wallpaper that you bought last time wrapped in triple plastic film? Came in a long, endless roll that you had to be able to cut into strips yourself? “How on earth does the pattern come together on the wall and did I get enough of the chosen wallpaper?” If you have installed wallpaper at least once in your life, you faced that question, plus had at least 1-2 rolls left and a lot of wallcovering waste that you can’t do much with. You can use residue wallpaper as to wrap notebooks, schoolbooks, use it as gift wrap and then eventually tuck the spare roll on the back shelf of the closet to wait for its time (it usually never arrives) … Or straight to the trash. Senseless waste.

Wait…there’s a smarter solution!

Instead, wallpaper can be ordered, printed, and installed much more easily and without any waste. When we started with the new wallpaper venture, the core idea was to create a sustainable wallpaper e-store. Which would be completely digital, where with the help of a smart IT solution, wallpaper can be ordered in strips exactly as the size of your wall, and thus there is zero waste. The biggest wallpaper trauma of many: how the wallpaper pattern aligns – is avoidable! We print the wallpaper exactly as much as the customer needs and cut it into precise strips. Hence – no excess rolls of wallpaper left at home with nothing much to do. Also, the manufacturer itself has no surplus and no warehouse full of wallpaper rolls waiting for their fate. Good wallpaper makes every interior more unique – be smart, order wallpaper or a wall mural that saves your nerves and does not leave pointless garbage at home!