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Different types of wall coverings: wall murals, photo wallpapers, and patterned wallpapers

Different types of wall coverings: wall murals, photo wallpapers, and patterned wallpapers

Beautiful wallpaper changes everything, and you know that! However, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge – with all those amazing patterns, designs, colors, and ideas. Should you use patterned wallpaper on multiple walls in the living room or stick to one accent wall? What’s the difference between photo wallpaper, mural wallpaper, and patterned wallpaper? Let’s explain!

Wall Murals

Mural wallpaper is perfect for creating dramatic and artistic effects in a room. It consists of a large, continuous image or design that covers an entire wall, making it ideal for accent walls. Mural wallpapers often feature landscapes, large flowers, botanical scenes, or modern abstract patterns, adding a unique personality to your space. Trending designs today include historic panoramic scenes and chinoiserie style murals, that do wonders with your space!

Also, wall murals are especially popular in children’s rooms, where playful and thematic designs can create a magical atmosphere from space theme to tropical jungles.

Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is similar to mural wallpaper but uses high-resolution photographs as its base. This type of wallpaper brings the beauty of nature, sunsets, or cityscapes directly to your home. Photo wallpaper is typically used on accent walls to create a focal point. Popular themes include misty forests or ocean views, which add a serene and calming effect to the room.

Repeating Pattern Wallpaper

Patterned wallpaper is a more traditional choice, featuring a repeated design throughout the wallpaper. It can be geometric, floral, striped, or any other recurring motif. Patterned wallpaper is versatile, suitable for covering entire walls or just an accent wall. It’s important to consider the pattern size, as smaller designs can be overwhelming in large areas, while larger patterns might appear too bold up close but look perfect from a distance. Patterned wallpaper is also great for DIY projects like lining drawers or wallpapering small surfaces.

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