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Charcoal Stripes – Blue

35,00 /m2

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This bespoke, stripey blue mural wallpaper showcases the Nordic minimalism found in the design and architecture. Geometric design features stripes that form a visual feast for the eye! Soft blue colourway reminds you of the crisp mornings of the Nordic skies. The wall mural is an idea to consider for decorating a commercial object or a private residence feature wall.

The Atelier murals & wallpapers collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found in the Nordic nature and architecture – from orchid blooms, forest landscapes to earthy, controlled ground lines. All that is reimagined in wall murals and repeat pattern wallpaper designs by Triinu Silla. Her extremely detailed patterns play with contrasts and formats that reveal fascinating details.

Why shop wallpaper with us?

  • Numbered wallpaper strips
  • Precisely cut strips to your wall height
  • Premium, non-woven wallpaper material
  • Non-toxic print inks, Greenguard certified
  • Eco-friendly, zero-waste conscious business
  • Free wallpaper paste included
  • Fast printing and shipping

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