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Seascape – Blue & Beige

35,00 /m2

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tekst puudu! / vaheta failid / nimeta ümber The sea offers hundreds of various blue color shades and is an endless source of inspiration of stories. Its waves come and go, the tide reveals and covers, its depths behold secrets of bygone adventures. This bespoke wall mural captures the sea with its many layers. Or perhaps instead, exposes itself, layer by layer. A wall mural, that leaves the interpretation to your imagination. The unique wall décor complements beautifully vintage pieces or contemporary eclectic interior décor.
This designer wall mural is available in rust and blue colorways.

“Unexpected Reflections” collection wallpapers and murals are full of endless discoveries, where nothing is quite what it seems at first. From one angle you see a familiar texture, on the other hand something completely different. The wall mural designs in the collection flirt with a repetitive pattern on a specific theme, just the opposite to the classic mural sceneries.