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New designer collection: Unexpected Encounters

New designer collection: Unexpected Encounters

Art of wallpapers

Wallpaper patterns have always been considered as an ultimate art skill of repetition. The same motif or pattern from wall to wall, from panel to panel. Historically, wallpaper adorned the walls of palaces and grand houses before being embraced by the working classes. Wallpaper is a witness to the most intimate scenes of everyday life, it has always drawn its inspiration from its times – fashions, customs, even telling stories of war and peace.

Hidden patterns and kaleidoscopic zebras in wallpaper design

Baubauwall’s new collection “Unexpected Encounters” is a story of wallpapers that reflect narrative of unexpected repetitions, integrating exotic and oh so familiar elements. The new wallpaper collection features kaleidoscopic zebras, bird feathers mixed with a warm abstract leather-like texture and elements inspired by the earth’s layers. Can sound vibrations be put into a wallpaper pattern design? Yes, they can.

“Unexpected Encounters” murals and wallpapers are full of endless discoveries, where nothing is quite what it seems at first. From one angle you see a familiar texture, on the other hand something completely different. The wall mural designs in the collection flirt with a repetitive pattern on a specific theme, just the opposite to the classic mural sceneries. “Unexpected Reflections” wallpapers are the ones that are not modest background characters of an interior, but that set the tone of everything else in a room, creating unique aesthetics and wall texture. These bold, aesthetic wallpaper designs are elegantly suited to contemporary interior decors, as well as inspiring mid-century style vintage furnishings.

Wallpaper designer thoughts

The author of the collection is wallpaper designer Triinu Silla. Here are her design concept thoughts. Creating a wallpaper pattern is a balancing act between abundance and modesty. It is an interesting challenge to resolve a seeming conflict amid these two factors, so that each wallpaper design would tell a story, but would not dominate the interior design. When I started creating the new wallpaper collection, my first inspiration came of the keyword “repetition”. This is something that also speaks to me in various art forms. When you take a motif and re-contextualise it as part of another design, you change its meaning and nature. An old motif can be frighteningly different and exciting in a new and fresh context. At the same time, there is a pleasant rhythm to repetition that creates a sense of security. Recognising a repetitive pattern brings you joy and makes you feel comfortable, whether on your wall decor or in cinematography.

Take a look and be inspired of the new wall decor here.