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Equestrian Film – Grey

35,00 /m2

Product ID: 51100321

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Designed to surprise, the whimsical Equestrian wallpaper is made of old photographs by Edweard Muybridge (1830–1904). Using multiple cameras, Muybridge famously captured the gait of a trotting horse, then with a device of his own invention, the zoopraxiscope. The galloping horse wallpaper is a fabulous choice for small spaces. Think of toilet, walk-in wardrobe, that small alcove of shelves or the entrance of your home. Playful design will bring character to any room!

As all our wallpapers and murals, this fun design is printed on breathable, non-woven material with eco friendly colours. The superior material makes the wallpaper easy to install and remove. Read more of our zero-waste wallpapers concept here.