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What’s a non-woven wallpaper?

What’s a non-woven wallpaper?

To put it simply – it is the ultimate material for premium wallpapers and wall murals. Non-woven wallpapers are easy to install and remove. What exactly is non-woven? Let’s be honest, the word does not have the best sound! However, the material itself is a combination of both natural and synthetic fibers. It’s the same material that is used to make for example – coffee filters and teabags.  

Installing non-woven wallpaper

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the material contracting or expanding excessively. It makes it easier for installers to hang wallpaper. This is because you don’t have to wait long period of time for the paper to dry after it has been wetted or glued. The wallpaper paste goes on the wall, not on the wallpaper! Hence, the installation is easier as well  no pre-pasting of the material needed.

Removing non-woven wallpaper

Despite being lightweight, non-woven wallpaper is designed to be hung and taken down in long flowing strips. If you’ve ever had to remove old wallpaper, you know how critical that is. As soon as you start peeling and scraping the paper substrate off your wall, the whole process becomes a nightmare. When non-woven wallpaper was created, the market demanded a kind that was easy to remove from walls once it had reached its end of life.