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Plume, unleashed – Terracotta

35,00 /m2

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The world “plume” comes from French, meaning “feather”. Particularly for these little, silky soft feathers that protect and beautify the natures pretty creatures. What if you look at them from another angle? This is what The Plume, Unleashed wallpaper repeat patterns offer. To which species could these patterns belong to? What if in addition to birds, this wallpaper pattern is transferred into the kingdom of animals? The unique, bespoke wallpaper design complements beautifully contemporary interior décor, gifting it with true character.
The Plume, Unleashed bespoke wallpaper series is available in orange & grey, light and blue colorways.

The designer wallpaper collection “Unexpected Encounters” is a story of unexpected repetitions, angles, and reflections. Wallpapers and murals full of endless discoveries where nothing is quite as it first seems. Inspired by traditional wallpapers and that offer a modern re-interpretation.