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Beat the blues with blue wallpaper!

Beat the blues with blue wallpaper!

Blue is a cool, calming color that is often associated with trust, loyalty, and tranquility. In interior design, blue can be used to create a sense of peace and serenity in a space.

Blue wallpaper on bedroom walls

Although it may appear to be a bold move, painting the walls in a soothing blue color makes perfect sense in a bedroom. Blue color, whether dark, light, or one of the many shades in between, brings in a sense of serenity —ideal for a room designed to help you wind down and relax before falling asleep. Use blue hued wallpaper or a distinctive wall mural on a feature wall, whether the bedhead wall or the opposite. Pair with blue cushions and duvet or just the opposite – mustard matches fantastically blue color. Check out more blue wallpapers ideas here.

Oversized wall art

Wall mural is a great way to instill a distinct personality in a bedroom, while also serving as a simple way to incorporate a pop of color into any bedroom. Oversized wall art is the way to go in 2023, with dramatic, bold designs that take up an entire feature wall!

Maximalist & bold wallpapers

Wallpaper has been experiencing a true renaissance for the past few years and shows no signs of stopping. Great wallcovering is a clever way to add interest to a bedroom and, contrary to popular belief, when done correctly – can be truly timeless. If you go for bold wallpaper, keep the rest of the décor simple—unless you are a maximalist at heart and want boldly clashing prints!