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Is wallpaper washable or not?

Is wallpaper washable or not?

We are often asked if the offered wallpapers can be washed? Especially in the context of children’s rooms, this is a legitimate question, because kids may easily decide that the current light wallpaper is prettier with blue and green self-made stripes! In this case, there is nothing much to save. Let the new art live its life on the wallpaper or put up a new wallpaper.

Here we print all wallpapers on non-woven wallpaper material. It is a breathable material that allows air to pass through and is certified for use in bedrooms, nursery walls, not to mention other living spaces. If a single stain gets on a non-woven wallpaper, wipe it off immediately with a damp cloth. Do not scrub! Non-woven wallpaper is not the so-called classic “washable wallpaper”, which means plastic or vinyl, which is completely non-natural origin. Non-woven wallpaper or mural does not emit dangerous substances into the air like vinyl or other pvc-based materials.

Ultimately, it is utmost important with what materials we surround ourselves with and what we inhale daily. Vinyl wallpaper is a good idea in public spaces, but not in your bedroom or kids playroom.

Non-woven wallcovering is considered the best choice in the world of wallpapers. It is a further development of paper based wallpaper, which, in addition to cellulose, consists of several other fibres, both natural and synthetic. This composition makes non-woven wallpaper more durable and easier to clean than ordinary paper.  

In addition, non-woven wallpapers are easy to install – the paste must be applied directly to the wall, not the wallpaper. Baubauwall wallpapers come in numbered tiles that are exactly in the height you order. Install the tiles next to each other on the pre-pasted wall – it’s that simple.