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What exactly is a bespoke wall mural?

What exactly is a bespoke wall mural?

Typically employed as a focal point on a feature wall, a bespoke mural enables the creation of larger, more striking design. The result is something that cannot be replicated with conventional repeat pattern wallpaper. In contrast, a bespoke mural consists of an entire image tailored to your specified wall dimensions. This means, that you can select one of our wall mural designs here. Then, personalize it to precisely match the exact measurements of your walls. What makes the selection and ordering process simple, is the fact that we can do a wall mural to any wall size. You are never constrained by fixed sizing wallpaper, that might not suit your wall!

For example: got a wall that is 9,6 metres wide and 3,7 metres high? Then we print exactly that. After entering the measurements on selected wall mural design at our e-store, we prepare your order. Your wall mural design is prepared during the pre-print process as per entered dimensions, divided into 49 cm wide strips and 3,7 cm high, precisely cut strips. Then, we send it for printing and packaging, and you can expect to receive the package via the selected courier in typically 5-7 business days.

What is a mural wallpaper?

There is no difference between a wall mural or a mural wallpaper. They mean the same thing! Murals are generally applied to just one feature wall in a room, while repeat pattern works also on multiple walls. Wall murals are the perfect opportunity to show off your creativity and decorating flair! Check out the gallery of installed wallpapers at various homes!