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Bold, blooming mural wallpapers

Bold, blooming mural wallpapers

A synonym for wallpaper pattern is often “floral”. The earliest wallpapers from the 18th century mostly featured flowers and botanicals. Not only to keep the warmth indoor, but also the summer mood. Furthermore, as times have evolved, wallpaper design has done the same. This spring season introduces mural wallpapers in grand scale! Small floral patterns are replaced with huge, oversized botanical motifs that are simply gorgeous. Bring them in!

Where to use grand scale designs?

Flowers and nature offer endless inspiration to all wallpaper designers worldwide. The love for blooms also reflects here, but via a new angle. Discover traditional painterly depictions of English garden flowers to Scandinavian contemporary interpretations of blossoms! Floral themed wall murals are a great way to make a feature wall really pop. The grand scale flowers never bore as small-scale pattern of a wallpaper might do. Oversized flowers and botanicals wall murals work fantastically on bedroom walls, entertaining dining rooms, cozy living room feature wall and even on bathroom wall.

Walls in full bloom

Large scale wall murals bring artistry and elegant design to your home through delicate blossoms, intricately woven vines, and over-sized blossoms. From subtle floral prints to bold succulents and tropics, discover a selection to make your space perfect.

Here are a few of our favorite statement-making wallpapers that are sure to banish the bore of empty walls:

Here at Baubauwall, we print all wallpapers and wall murals on breathable, non-woven material using eco-friendly colors. Your chosen wallpaper or mural is cut precisely to your wall measurements. This eliminates the frustration of installing wallpaper and reduces waste. Furthermore, we number the lengths of your new wallcovering in the order it should be hung on the wall. Hence – wallpapering made stress-free!

Check out the entire selection: http://bit.ly/3KZDAwv