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Can I print my AI-generated wallcovering idea into an actual product?

Can I print my AI-generated wallcovering idea into an actual product?

Have you tried AI design tools like Midjourney, Canva, DALL-E or others to create amazing digital art? Imagine transforming those unique designs into stunning repeating wallpaper patterns or a wall mural that will make your home feature wall truly one-of-a-kind.  Here at Baubauwall, we can help your  AI-generated creations into high-quality wallcoverings that bring your artistic vision to true life.

Why AI-generated wallpapers?

AI design tools have opened endless possibilities for creating custom artwork. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a design-savvy individual, these tools allow you to experiment with styles, patterns, and colors that reflect your personal taste. However, turning these digital designs into physical wallpapers requires more. That’s where we come in.

Perfecting your design for print

When it comes to printing, there are specific technical requirements that ensure your mural or wallpaper looks perfect on your walls. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Image upscaling: Often, digital designs need to be upscaled to meet printing resolutions. We offer image upscaling services that can enlarge your image up to 10 times its original size. This means your design will be crisp and clear, even when printed on large wall panels.
  • Touch-ups and adjustments: AI-generated designs need fine-tuning to meet printing specifications. Our team can help with color adjustments, enhancing details, and ensuring your design looks flawless when printed.
  • File preparation: we make sure your files are print-ready by checking the resolution, color profiles, and dimensions.

The Process: from digital to wall

Start by uploading your AI-generated design (.jpg or .png file) to our platform or send at hello@baubauwall.com and tell us what is it that you would like to be done with it.

Our team will review your design and suggest any necessary improvements. Once your design is ready, we’ll print your custom wallcovering in desired dimensions on non-woven premium paper. Our zero-waste approach ensures that each order is printed precisely to your wall dimensions, with pre-cut and numbered panels for easy wallpapering.

AI generated home feature wall wallcovering mural
The whole wall mural design

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