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Children’ s wallpapers full of fun! Lotte collection has arrived!

Children’ s wallpapers full of fun! Lotte collection has arrived!

Lotte’s only concern is that the days are too short. In her opinion, sleeping is the stupidest thing adults have come up with – a pure waste of time. We almost agree with Lotte’s point! Children’s room, where this “waste of time” passes – let it be fun and beautifully decorated! We decided to bring the world’s most famous puppy girl and her pals onto wallpapers for children’s rooms.

With permission from the authors of Joonisfilm, Mr Heiki Ernits and Mr Janno Põldma, we started to “draw” Lotte and her friends on wallpapers and wall murals. In fact, it meant complete trust from Lotte’s creators. They gave us the original drawings for the wallpapers that are so known from cartoons, books and Lottemaa.

It is a form of art itself to create a wallpaper design with items originally intended for a book or a cartoon. A wallpaper is on the wall, a good many time bigger than a page of any book. Nothing moves like in the movie. Particularly kids rooms wallpaper stays with kids for several years, witnessing childhood. Our wallpaper designer Triinu Silla put the characters of Gadgetville on wallpapers in such a way that they look stylish on a several times larger medium – the home wall! Moreover, Triinu’s little daughter Herta was a good adviser and huge fan of Lotte wallpapers project. The result is children’s room wallpapers full of funny situations, stories, and small discoveries.

Wallpaper designer Triinu and her daughter Herta

We could not help but laugh and smile throughout the project of making the Lotte wallpapers. The situations and original characters are just so cute! We wanted to put Lotte and friends on wallpapers in a way that  grand jury of Gadgetville would give maximum points! The result is 29 different repeat pattern wallpapers and wall murals. In familiar bright colour and details as in Lotte books. As well as in the opposite – black and white colourway to fit more easily into a children’s room. After all, children’ s rooms are often filled with colourful toys and accessories. By the way – if you allow, your child can colour Lotte on monochrome wallpaper or mural into colourway she/he wishes to!

See the Lotte wallpaper collection here.