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How Chinoiserie wall decor became fashionable?

How Chinoiserie wall decor became fashionable?

Chinoiserie originated in the 17th century when Europeans developed a fascination for all things Chinese. The word means “Chinese-esque”. The chinoiserie style incorporated Chinese motifs, designs, and artistic elements into Western art and particularly wall decor. It quickly became a symbol of luxury and sophistication, especially among the elite.

Chinoiserie on wallpapers and murals

Chinoiserie became particularly popular in the form of wallpaper and wall murals. Artisans created wall decor with intricate and detailed scenes on wallpaper, depicting Chinese landscapes, people, and mythological motifs. These wallpapers were used to adorn the walls of aristocratic homes, palaces, and grand estates, primarily in France, England, and other European countries. Chinoiserie stye had had a significant revival in the 18th century during the Rococo period. It was used not only on walls but also in furniture, textiles, and porcelain. The delicate and intricate patterns were highly sought after during this era.

Blend of styles

Chinoiserie wall decor was not limited to purely imitating Chinese art but often blended Chinese motifs with European design elements. This fusion of styles resulted in a unique and distinctive wall decor aesthetic that continues to captivate designers and homeowners to this day. After all, who could resist intricate peacocks, other beautiful birds and botanical motifs, combined with beautiful colour backdrops? Think of pale pink, luxurious turquoise blue and creams.

Contemporary application

In contemporary interior design, Chinoiserie wallpapers are used in a variety of settings. They add a sense of history and sophistication to both traditional and modern spaces, making them a versatile choice for wall decor. The style is particularly popular concept for wall murals, as murals are never repetitive designs. Just the opposite, wall murals are brilliant for a feature wall design, that add personality to a room decor.

Chinoiserie murals work beautifully in bedrooms, where they add a touch of luxury and serenity, creating a soothing ambiance for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, they are often used in living rooms, dining rooms, or home offices, where their elegance and complexity can make a strong design statement.

Celebrating all things pretty

Distinctive and extravagant wallpapers have taken over several drama series. Bridgerton is no exception. In the series, The Bridgerton family is known for two things – elegance, and having attractive sons. Everything about their interior styles is well-thought and collected. Opulent textures in a monochromatic palette are punctuated by Chinoiserie and damask patterns. But, the opulence is nonchalantly celebrating pretty much anything that makes you smile!

Get the look at home

Chinoiserie style wall decor is great for combining old and contemporary. When integrating the old with the new, it’s all about balance and scale. Mixing Chinoiserie with modern features like panelled walls, up-to-date furniture, and contemporary lighting gives a fresh, modern twist to the traditional style. Discover our selection of Chinoiserie wall decor here.