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How to choose wallpaper for kids rooms?

How to choose wallpaper for kids rooms?

Decorating a children’s room does not mean giving up good design – on the contrary, it is a good reason to let the imagination (and not just the children’s) fly freely and choose wallpapers that are cute and endlessly fun.

Wallpaper for a nursery

The wallpaper in the children’s room is probably changed more frequently than it is elsewhere. The little rascals grow! There is a style for babies, another for toddlers and it gets even more difficult with teenagers. The stigma of pink being the girls color and blue for the boys – still exists and isn’t really going anywhere. However, it makes sense to consider intermediate shades that everyone likes – beige, purple or green.

When decorating a baby’s room, in addition to aesthetics, take account practicality. Furniture essentials – changing table, soft carpet made of natural material, small closet or chest of drawers for baby clothes, comfortable armchair for yourself and a place for toys. When choosing wallpaper, it is important to consider the material in addition to the design. Prefer “breathable”, eco-friendly wallpapers and follow the manufacturer’s markings of the origin and the material. For example, non-woven or paper wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers are made of paper that has been infused with fibers to make the material denser, more durable, and easier to install. If non-woven wallpaper becomes stained, clean it simply with a damp cloth. And let’s be honest – the probability of this on the wall of a nursery is pretty high! Non-woven wallpaper is easy to install and remove.

Wall decor for different ages

Time flies and a tiny baby becomes a sweet, self-conscious toddler, with his/her own wishes. Although, toddler’s bright ideas of her favorite book or cartoon characters on the walls of  room may not match your interior design ideas…! It is often advised to avoid using bright wallpaper patterns and to add color to a room with other details. But why not think the other way around – choose a bolder wallpaper or a mural and leave other furnishings of the room as neutral as possible. For example, in Marianne’s aka Malluka’s daughter Mari’s room, after a small scale wallpaper drama, got a full makeover with new, elegant pink wallpaper with swans that became a “hero” of the whole room! The swan wallpaper was the reason to rearrange entire furniture setup, resulting a perfect child room where everyone is happy! The pink wallpaper with elegant swans has a sense of dreaminess, endless beauty and tenderness. As a result, a wallpaper that is treasured by both mother and daughter.

Kids aged 4+ learn everything on the go and so fast – why not put an alphabet on the wall to study the letters and new words quickly! Let his imagination fly by bringing his pets home on the wallpaper design, let them be owls, cats, dinosaurs or lamas.

Wall decor for teenagers rooms

And then there are challenging, stubborn teenagers and challenge of decorating their rooms. Old cute toys gradually disappear from the room. Maybe replaced by posters, or perhaps you need to get an extra shelf to store sports trophies. The wallpaper here could be a timeless, or slightly edgy – for example, insects, birds, nautical or calm geometry. Listen to your child’s dreams and wishes, choose the right wallpaper design together.

Be your child of 5 or 15 – listen  to his or her thoughts! Be resourceful and you will find a compromise, even in the choice of wallpaper. Choosing a new wallpaper together is time well spent! Once the wallpaper has been chosen and delivered, install it together as a fun DIY project. It is not difficult if the wallpaper strips are numbered and cut as needed by the manufacturer.

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