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Dragonfly Dance – Black

37,00 /m2

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Can we have this dance? A wallpaper design, that invites you to dance along with the delicate, blue hued dragonflies. In many cultures, dragonflies have come to symbolize qualities such as transformation, freedom and renewal. Hence, it is not a surprise that these delicate creatures are part of the artist Tanel Veenre’s universe. Often found in his jewelry and fashion design, now also on wallpaper. Dramatic, elegant black wallpaper design is a bold choice for bedroom feature wall. Use the dark wallpaper on your dining room or in the guest room.  Fun fact: dragonflies are born underwater. Seems a perfect idea to use dragonfly themed wallpaper design in your bathroom or home spa!

Tanel Veenre x Baubauwall is a collection of wallpapers and murals that reflect the nature of the multitalented Estonian artist and designer Tanel Veenre. The wallcoverings collection showcases his signature creatures – fabulous butterflies, minuscule bugs, dancing dragonflies and as well the brand’s soul animals – seahorses. Tanel loves bright colour schemes, but his murals and wallpapers display a more modest tone. “In most cases, the walls of the room serve as the backdrop for the interior décor, so that smaller objects like sofas, accessories or cupboards can shine. Consequently, I reduced the colour dose, but retained my soul objects. Witness the seahorses and dragonflies dancing their extremely geometrical swings!”