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Lets talk about wallpapers in bathrooms

Lets talk about wallpapers in bathrooms

Gone are the days of hesitation when using wallpaper in the bathrooms or even in the toilets. OK, probably not the best idea to install this right on the shower booth walls, but it is an excellent idea for the dry areas of your bathroom. Placed behind the mirror or along the wall with towel hooks, brings a touch of color and freshness to the space.  Definitely don’t install wallpaper in places where it is exposed to excessive water splashing.

As bathrooms are usually one of the smallest rooms, they are the perfect place to try something bold and express yourself. Use just one wall and put there something wild, quirky or just stunningly beautiful.

Rule of the thumb: go big or go minimal, don´t go chaotic. Bathrooms have always too many things anyway, from brushes to array of make-up gear!

Another important factor to remember – bathrooms tend to lack of natural lighting. This affects how a certain color looks on a wall – too dark hues will make the space appear smaller and light shades bigger. Of course, if you are blessed with spacious bathroom, then it is not that important. Just make sure that your new bathroom wallpaper design choice does not make you feel anxious, but the opposite. No matter the size of your bathroom – with easy accessories as candles, monocoloured towels and carpet, you can make it your own relaxing spa area.

Explore the designs we think could be a perfect fit for various bathrooms here.

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