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Autumn wallpaper trends & colors

Autumn wallpaper trends & colors

Nailing the perfect wall decor solution can completely change the vibe of the entire interior style. Autumn color vibes are traditionally decadently rich – think of aubergine, burgundy red, petrol green and dark blue. This season, the fashion runways were truly regal, color palette trending from royal blue to teal and burning violet. Let the autumn trending shades also on your wallcovering and not just on the new coat!


Don’t be afraid of dark colors and dusky wallpaper or mural designs – especially accent walls will look fantastic, even luxurious. Just be careful when using deep colors for entire rooms, as it may overwhelm. Dark hued wallpapers in a larger space can feel warm and cozy, while used in small spaces, they may make room feel smaller. Add a sense of contrast with accessories when decorating with dark colors – such as light shade rug or monochrome artwork. Choose an artsy wall mural and no need for additional artwork – designer murals are already statement making pieces!


Thinking of re-decorating your bedroom with new wallpaper? After all, as it gets chillier outside, the more time we’d love to spend in bed instead. You can yield terrific results and create an insanely cozy retreat by installing autumn-hued wallpaper on a bedroom wall. An environment that combines deep color and texture or pattern is very comfortable to be in. Additionally, warm, and dramatic wallcovering combination provides a stunning backdrop for a variety of furniture pieces and fabrics. So, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. As a result, you will have a dark and dreamy bedroom where you can wind down in style.

Here are few of our favourite wallpaper designs that match the cozy autumn mood in the bedroom:

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