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When less is not more! Maximalist decor

When less is not more! Maximalist decor

Maximalist decor revels in abundance! It’s a celebration of bold colors, intricate patterns, and layers of textures and objects. Forget the minimalist mantra of “less is more” – maximalism encourages you to fill your space with the things you love, creating an environment that reflects your unique personality and simply lets you indulge more.

More is more!

Maximalist style makes interior design much more fun. Lately, there has been a noticeable shift as more designers and homeowners opt for vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and rich textures. Maximalism stands boldly opposite to the minimalism trend with its extravagant and expressive nature.

Maximalist wall decor

Maximalist wallpapers are a key to unlock rooms filled with vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and layers of beautiful textures. Think of clashing patterns, vibrant colors, matching textiles and wallpaper. It all might seem counterintuitive, but there is something very calming when you get the balance right. When you get it right, it stimulates all five senses in the same way.

A well known designer and architect Sig Bergamin has a great touch of maximalism in his every design project. His signature style is blending his South American roots with North American modern pieces. A self-described “maximalist,” Bergamin travels constantly and loves collecting treasures from around the world. He believes in maximalist style of layering rich textures, bold colors, and eclectic patterns to create spaces that are lively and full of personality. And we could not agree more! Check out his book for your next decor inspiration.

The vocabulary of good design is the same whether you are doing a minimalist room or a maximalist room. All interiors are a spectrum; where you are on that spectrum is down to personal preference, and your opinion on palette, pattern, frivolity and purposeless joy. Maximalism is a great antidote to the often-seen, boring gray or beige color schemes that rule minimalism. Here´ s our wallpaper gallery of bold, maximalist style wallpapers – get inspired!

To launch your maximalist makeover, nothing has greater impact than a stunning wallpaper. Choose a bold design as the foundation of your scheme, then fearlessly layer in more patterns and colors. Embrace the mix-and-match joy of pairing your wallpaper with other floral or botanical prints across your furniture and decor!

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