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New wallpaper collection is out now: Atelier!

New wallpaper collection is out now: Atelier!

Exciting news of the wallpaper world! Unveiling the new wallcoverings collection on what we have been working on last months. Proud to present: The Atelier – a fusion of repeat pattern wallpapers and chic murals that redefine beauty made for walls.

The Atelier wallpaper collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found in the Nordic nature. The soft hued patterns reveal orchid blooms, abstract forest landscapes to earthy, controlled ground lines. The bespoke wallpapers are designed so that it can easily be mixed and matched, without being overwhelming. Atelier murals and repetitive wallpaper patterns make a good option for commercial interiors, let it be an office, hotel room or a retail space. Get inspired and discover all of the designs here.

Meet the designer

The author of the collection is wallpaper designer Ms Triinu Silla. Her extremely detailed patterns play with contrasts and formats that reveal fascinating details. She explains her work: „Although I love minimalist aesthetics and Nordic clear lines, it is not the most rational one in our climate. There’s always a longing for something warmer and lush. Therefore, I tried to maintain a pure and clean overall impression in the Atelier wallpaper collection. Also, to weave warmer shades and more exciting layers into each design, in order to create a cosier and more opulent feeling.” 

Zero-waste, bespoke wallpapers

Here, we embrace the concept of zero-waste wallpaper business. This means – a modern approach to wallpapering. Here, you can purchase your dream wall covering design, without leaving the comfort of your home. Repeat pattern wallpaper, photo wallpaper or mural is cut precisely to your wall measurements, in numbered strips. Wallpapering made easy!

Photos: Baubauwall – Mairo Lokk, Triinu Silla

Ceramics: Estonian design by Nuud Ceramics

Kimonos: tailor-made unique pieces by Poeet Disain