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10 bedroom wallpaper ideas that are anything but boring!

10 bedroom wallpaper ideas that are anything but boring!

You spend a third of your life in bed, so make sure the bedroom décor is up to the task! Along with high-quality bedding and furniture, incorporating stylish wallpaper or a wall mural is a simple and chic way to enhance your bedroom décor. The right wall decor choice not only adds character to your bedroom, but also has the magic power to make your room feel snug.

If you are after accentuating just one wall, go for mural wallpaper. Love romantic, English country house flair? Choose a classic repeat pattern with floral or botanical details. Do you wish to create a bit of drama in the bedroom? Introduce mural wallpaper in dark shades and spice up the rest of the décor with matching colors. For example, petrol hued wall décor world fantastically with mustard color pillows or duvets.

Here are 10 ideas to enhance your bedroom wall décor:

1. Subtle oriental patterns on modern walls

Combine modernism with the oriental motifs found in Moroccan riads floor tiles and walls. Eclectic results are guaranteed, whether you are after maximalist wallpaper or something more modest.

2. Tropical wall decor

Tropical mural wallpapers come in a variety of styles, from contemporary kitsch to bold jungles, exquisite patterns, and are simply terrific way to transform any space. They are great way to introduce vibrancy onto bedroom walls.

3. Floral wallpapers, but oversized!

Flower and botanical motifs on wallpapers have been for centuries. Contemporary trends embrace the same patterns, but in oversized scale. Think of huge flowers and green leaves in height as an average wall – 2,6 m? Magnificent!

4. All over patterns

Match the duvet and/or rug pattern with wallpaper. After all, if you love a pattern, why just apply it to the walls?

5. Bird beauty

If you really want to make a statement on your bedroom walls, think of gracious birds in huge proportions. Love the maximalist style? Then these wall mural ideas are for you!

Japanese cranes on beige mural wallpaper

6. Child-friendly designs

Children’s room décor should be something that a child could grow into. Think of grown-up furniture and accessories, but wallpaper that is inspired by fairy tales! For example, the Kikki Belle kids wallpaper collection is full of imaginative details, both greyscale and full color designs.

7. Dark and dramatic

Don’t be afraid of dark colors and dusky wallpaper or mural designs – especially accent walls will look fantastic, even luxurious. Just be careful when using deep colors for entire rooms, as it may overwhelm.

8. Layers and textures

Wallpaper designer Triinu Silla says: “Creating a wallpaper pattern is a balancing act between abundance and modesty. It is an interesting challenge to resolve a seeming conflict amid these two factors. I love adding layers into my wallpaper designs, so that each room would feel more textured.”

9. Delicate vines

Bring an historic house bedroom back to its roots. What better way than with a vintage-inspired wallpaper? Chinoiserie wallpapers are fantastic way to bring timeless elegance into your sleep kingdom! The elegantly romantic chinoiserie type wall murals are definitely sweet backdrops for contemporary furniture.

10. Wild things on mural wallpapers

Dinosaurs, jungles, huge palm trees on wallpaper? Mostly for kids’ bedroom walls but not only.