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Tanel Veenre’s wallpaper collection: The Kingdom of Dreams dances on the walls!

Tanel Veenre’s wallpaper collection: The Kingdom of Dreams dances on the walls!

Truth be told – we adore clients who simply love wallpaper, especially in bold design! On a beautiful summer day, designer and artist Tanel Veenre’s phone rang. The caller was his friend Reet. She had an awesome apartment waiting for renovation and this is where Reet wanted bold wallpapers. Could Tanel help with the wallpaper design?

Known for his playful mischief, dreaminess, and belief in miracles, Tanel Veenre is a gifted artist and designer. His brand “Kingdom of Dreams” captures Tanel’s philosophy: to design pieces that make you believe in fairy tales and miracles.

Since the world of patterns runs in Tanel’s bloodstream, the idea of ​​moving from the world of jewellery and fashion to the interior did not seem so unexpected. Within a few minutes of the call, patterns were already running through the designer’s mind, with no intention of leaving. But who could help and produce the wallpapers? Baubauwall.

Birth of a wallpaper collection

After months of work and design development, a bespoke wallcovering collection was born. The brand of Tanel Veenre is characterized by dreamlike dragonflies, seahorses, butterflies, and beetles.

“It keeps me fresh when I take on another ‘canvas’ or scale,” says Tanel. That’s what wallpaper is. Creating wallpaper with familiar pattern details that are found in fashion and jewellery is a skill. Wallcovering is a design form that is in 2D, unlike silk fabric. Also, compared to fashion, wallpapers are more durable and play a supporting role in an interior décor. Hence, at first glance, Tanel’s wallpaper collection is much more modest than his work as a jewellery artist and fashion designer. However, the murals and wallpaper collection is an affair of calm, plus deep purple tones, glowing pink depths of the sea, as well as Mediterranean turquoise shades.

The result – seahorses dancing on the walls

Today, set on an aubergine violet background, Tanel’s soul animals – seahorses – dance on the walls of the living room of Reet’s apartment. Anyone that enters the space is instantly enchanted.

Tanel describes the first encounter with his wallpapers in real life: “Seeing your creation on large walls of someone’s home is a thing to be proud of… the effect of the wallpaper is truly impactful and direct – as if you are inside your own imagination! I am super grateful to Reet, whose courage inspired me not to be afraid of oversized forms and naughty brushstrokes!”

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