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The art of dining room wall decor

The art of dining room wall decor

When it comes to creating a great dining space, the often-overlooked hero is your walls. But doesn’t a delightful meal taste even better if surrounded by exquisite patterns? That’s the magic of dining room wallpapers – they change your space into a canvas of style and personality.

One space, one wallpaper: kitchen and dining unite

In many homes, the kitchen and dining area seamlessly blend into one another. The beauty of wallpapers is that they effortlessly transcend these spaces, creating a harmonious flow. Consider a cohesive design that ties your kitchen and dining area together, making the entire space a visual delight.

How and what to choose for dining area wallpaper?

We made a list of few points to consider before picking the wallpaper design:

1.Which is the dominating color in your interior design theme?

Wallpaper has the magic power of creating an easy contrast. Light floor, furnishings and for example, a contrasting dark blue wallpaper? If you love the greige, or Scandi beige themes, pick a wall mural or repeating pattern wallpaper in light hues and patterns that do not overtake the entire room.

    2. How much space do you have that can be covered with wallpaper?

    If you have one main wall, go for a mural or photo wallpaper. Paint the other walls with the dominating colour of the chosen wallpaper design. Wow effect and delightful meals – guaranteed!

    3. Will there be artwork on the walls?

    If so, think about the scale of your chosen wallpaper design. Go for small scale repeating pattern wallpaper in neutral hues – so that your artworks really pop. If you are not planning to have any pictures or painting on the wall, a large scale mural would work fantastically. Wall murals are often as great pieces of artworks themselves.

    4. Am I interested in a particular theme or style?

    For example – tropical jungle motifs, florals or fabulous flamingo birds. Cannot decide? Pick a theme that speaks to you the most.

    To wallpaper all walls or just the main, feature wall?

    Repeating patterns. Dining room wallpapers set the tone for your entire dining experience. Whether you prefer a cozy, intimate atmosphere or a more formal setting, the right wallpaper can define and enhance the ambiance. Pick a repeating pattern for a classic or vintage inspired look. Take a look of repeating pattern wallpapers in our collection.

    Mural Wallpapers. The ones to create a focal point! Make a statement with a feature wall using wall murals. Mural wallpapers turn dining room into a conversation starter with their depth and personality. Views on flamingos? Why not! Subtle textures and pastel colour designs that are easy to match with furniture? Here you go. Paint the rest of the walls picked from the main hue of the wall mural. Browse mural wallpaper ideas here.

    Dealing with stains on non-woven wallpapers

    Accidents happen, especially in the dining area. If a stain finds its way onto your non-woven wallpaper, don’t panic. Swift action is key. Use a slightly moist sponge to gently brush off the stain – avoid rubbing, as this may damage the wallpaper. Non-woven wallpapers are durable, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like the dining room.

    Dining room wall decor is a powerful tool to enhance your dining space. Whether you opt for a classic wallpaper, a mural that tells a story, or a design that seamlessly connects your kitchen and dining area, the choices are as varied as your tastes. So, set the table, pull up a chair, and let your walls speak volumes about your style. Cheers to dining in style!